Mich. State Appoints Worcester Professor

Ascending from an English Instructorship here to a full professorship and the title of head of the English Department at Michigan State College, Lansing, Michigan, David Worcester '28, will resign his University position and assume his new office at the beginning of the Christmas vacation, it was learned last night.

Worcester, a former Senior Tutor at Lowell House, has been teaching at Harvard for seven-and-a-half years. He relinquished his Lowell House post, which he had held for over six years when he married last year, and he is now a non-resident tutor.

Fishing, Hunting Enthusiast

Jubilant over his appointment, Worcester revealed that this will be his first trip to Michigan, although he has been farther west in the past. The Michigan woods, he believed would prove ideal locale for his favorite past-time, hunting and fishing.

The new appointee has had charge of the University course English 150, a survey course in nineteenth century English poetry, and he also instructs in English 180, English Satire.


No replacement has as yet been named to fill Worcester's place.