Yardling Natators Train For Engineers

M.I.T. Reported Strongest In Years, Reveals Vaughan

First-string material from a Freshman swimming group of 46 is finally shaping up for the Yardlings meet with M. I. T. Wednesday, December 17.

According to Freshman Coach Frank Vaughan, yesterday, the '45 natators will be pitted against what is thought to be "one of the best Tech squads in years." While many of them are showing possibilities, the Yardlings have had almost no previous experience in competitive events.

Don Perry, leading 100-yard man, never swam in competition before. Dick Holland, Bill Prier, and Dick Everett head the sprinting field with Perry.

Butterfliers Strong

Best bets against the Tech strong back and breast stroke men are butterflies Jim Hubbell and Phil Baines and back strokers H. H. Hartwell, Dave Smith, Whitney Tower, and Gibe King. Hartwell is a practised swimmer from Worcester and King is a former member of the Freshman football team.


Two hundred-yard distance swimming is weak, according to Coach Vaughan. While Nate Davis is forging ahead, the addition of experienced Joe Fitzpatrick, who may yet come out, would be a boost to the squad.

In the diving event, Harvey Pastel and Don Phillip will lead the '45 contingent. Eight flips against M.I.T. will be increased to 10 in later intercollegiate meets.

With an unblemished roster of wins against Tech, this year's Freshman team will be backed up by other men from the group that began 1 1/2 hour a day practice sessions last November 10.