Japanese Students Give Impressions Of Startling Action of Fatherland

Sudden War Shocks One; Internment Also of Concern

The two Japanese citizens studying at Harvard who could be reached last night, differed greatly in their reactions to the news. One had expected a war, the other found it "a complete shock."

Mr. Nisiboro, a 23-year-old graduate student attached to the Japanese embassy in Washington, declared last night that "we were not expecting this war," and expressed belief that special envoy Kurusn was just as surprised as anyone in this country about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

"The Japanese people have been wanting peace," he said, "and I am sorry it has all happened. However, opinion in Japan is subject to change, and I don't know what it is now. They are awfully kind to us here. I don't have any bad impressions." Nisiburo, whose father and mother live in Japan, was sent here by the Japanese government to study. "I believe the military clique in power now is completely responsible for this action," he stated.

The other Japanese student, Shunsuke Tsurumi '43, says "I...expected Japan to be the aggressor because of the psychological condition of the people." Tsurumi, who majors in philosophy, is "not concerned in worldly affairs." He is sentimental about the people in Japan,, "but I am not as affected by this situation as people suppose I am."

He claims to have done no reporting here for the Japanese government. There have been no demands on him to do so, he added. "The Japanese don't employ the German pressure system of espionage."

Both men expressed concern over the possibility of their internment, though Tsurumi, as a student of philosophy, adopted the philosophic attitude. "If it has to be done," he declared. "I shall resign myself to it willingly, I am willing to take whatever comes."

Nisiboro believes "we are immune from internment if the O. S. follows precedent of the past war, regarding students. I hope it will."

George Fajimoto '42, and American citizen of Japanese descent, "doesn't see how the situation can affect me at all. I am an American like the rest of us, involved in a war."