Ulenmen Star in 100-yd. Swim, Dive, Take Seven Events, Losing Two

Harvard brushed aside the Providence Boys Club mermen in the Indoor Athletic Building pool last night 53 to 22, taking seven out of nine firsts. The Soltysiak brothers, Matt and Tony, gave the visitors their victories in the 50 and breaststroke respectively.

Captain Frannie Powers' 54.3 win in the 100, Brad Patterson's 105.1 total in the dive, and Frank Gorman's second in the 440 were the highlights of the Crimson triumph. Backstroker Dick Harris did the free-style leg of the medley.

The summary:

300-yard medley: Won by Harvard (Drucker, White, and Harris); time--3:10.2.

220-yard free-style: Won by Curwen (H); second, Despres (P); third, Sceery (H); time--2:19.8.


50-yard free-style: Won by M. Soltysiak (P); second, Stowell (H); third, McNitt (H); time--24.8.

High board dive: Won by Patterson (H); second, Gath (P); third, Galligan (P); winners's points--105.1.

100-yard free-style: Won by Captain Powers (H); second, Shrewsbury (P); third, Campbell (P); time--54.3.

150-yard backstroke: Won by Drucker (H); second, Lisy (P); third, Mathis (H); time--1:44.2.

200-yard backstroke: Won by A. Soltysiak (P); second, White (H); third, Willcox (H); time--2:35.7.

440-yard free-style: Won by Bosworth (H); second, Gorman (H); third, Despres (P); time--5:12.8.

400-yard relay: Won by Harvard (Godfrey, Stearns, MacMaster, and Jay); time--3:50.8.