Kirkland Is Included In Crimson Network

Eliot House-Reception Is Improved; Dunster House Will be Wired Soon

Kirkland House has been included in the Crimson Radio Network, William Tyng, '41, executive chairman of the network, announced last night. The work of wiring the house to receive the network programs was completed on Saturday night, and the Deacons will receive their first full coverage of the network programs this evening.

The technical staff has also been striving to improve reception in Eliot House, and the result of their efforts, said Gordon McCouch '41, technical engineer, is that "reception in Eliot House is stepped up a great deal."

Dunster Next

Dunster House, the only house at present not served by the network, will be included shortly. McCouch said that it may be necessary to step up the transmitter power to reach Dunster, but that it will be impossible to know definitely until a line is run in and some tests made. Work on the project will begin at once and is expected to reach completion in the course of a few weeks.

Also scheduled for the near future are broadcasts from the Indoor Athletic Building. Equipment which will enable the network to relay accounts of sporting events from the building is new under construction.