It's "turn-about is fair-play" for Dick Harlow and his new backfield coach, Al McCoy, whose appointment as successor to "Skip" Stahley was announced yesterday by Athletic Director Bill Bingham.

Back in 1935 when Bingham was scouting around for a new Crimson head football coach, he talked to "Mudg" McCoy and it was McCoy who suggested that his friend Dick Harlow (then at Western Maryland) be considered for the job.

Now Harlow has chosen the forty year old Colby College head football mentor as his new backfield coach to fill the gap created by Stahley's departure. He will report in Cambridge on March 1.

Three Maine Championships

As head coach at colby College, McCoy chalked up a four year record which included 18 victories, eight losses and three ties. His last three teams have tied with Bowdoin for the State Championship of Maine.


A native of Brookline, McCoy prepared for college at Newton High School and Dean Academy, where he competed in football, basketball, baseball and hockey. He attended Penn State College for two years and was graduated from Lafayette College in 1927.