Exhibit of Undergraduates' Work Will Open March 10

The first large-scale exhibit of undergraduate art ever to take place in the College will open its doors this year on March 10 and will run for about a month at the Germanic Museum.

The exhibition will consist of paintings, oils, sculpture, and designs in general, in fact, any work which either Harvard or Radcliffe undergraduates have created outside of class worthy of notice.

What is to be shown will depend entirely on the individual exhibitors, as each artist is allotted a certain amount of wall space and may fill this space in whatever way he sees fit. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the great quantity of creative art which undergraduates do outside of their college curricula. In fact, there are very few people in the exhibit concentrating in Fine Arts.

So far about 25 persons have indicated their desire to contribute, and the committee organizing the show expect to have at least 50 contributions. Anything at the exhibit which the artists wish to sell may be bought.

Winthrop House had, last year, the only other undergraduate art exhibit there has been in recent years and that was limited to work created by residents of the House only. However, this show was extremely successful.


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