Wrestlers and Tankmen Lose to Exeter; Loomis Takes Swordsmen

Freshman athletes won one match and lost three on four sports fronts over the weekend. The basketball team racked up its seventh consecutive victory, over Dummer Academy at South Byfield, 47 to 21, while the wrestlers fell before Exeter, 13 to 19; the swimmers trailed in Exeter's wake, 29 to 37; and the swordsmen bowed before Loomis School, 14 to 13.

Captain George Burditt led the quintet with 14 points, and Jack Torgan and Edward Hadley pressed close behind with 11 and 8 points, respectively.

Breck Marshall, a 128-pounder who pinned his foe in 3 min., 57 sec., and Edward Guild, a former Exeter lad who won by decision in the 136-pound class, were the only two victorious grapplers for the Yardlings.

The mermen won as many first places as Exeter, but they did not garner as many second and third positions. Charley Gabeler took the 50-yard free style in the time of 25.6 sec.; Captain John Eusden followed with a first in the 100-yard free style in 56.2 sec. After Bill Hewes won the fancy diving, the '44 200-yard free style relay team of Ed Stevens, Dave Barnes, Gabeler, and Eusden flashed across the finish line first in the time of 1 min., 43sec

The fencers did not acknowledge defeat until the last match. They led 6 to 3 in the foils, but Loomis quickly tied the score in the epee. The standing of the two teams stood at 13 to 13 until John Hobson of Loomis defeated Harold Cooledge in the final saber bout.