Yardling Track Squad Trails Andover 35-33

Coach Bill Neufeld's Yardling track team came out of a triangular meet at Andover yesterday afternoon triling the schoolboys 33 to 35, but joined them in a satisfying win over what Dartmouth had considered ont of its best teams.

Of the three teams which ran, none can claim a sweeping victory, for the scores were all within two points and every event was evenly balanced. The not-so-big Green overestimated its strength in the dashes, and it was there that Andover picked up its winning points.

No individual hero came back to Cambridge, but the yearlings registered several praiseworthy performances in the field events, hurdles, and medium-long distances. As expected, the Crimson runners were not at their best in the dashes, but came to the front when Steve Gifford captured the 40 yard high hurdles.

During the latter part of the meet, Harvard and Dartmouth fought it out for firsts in the distances, with Bill Ellis leading the field in the 600 yard run, and Bill Palson triling Burnam of Dartmouth to a photo-finish in the 1000.