Systematic training for P.B.H. social service volunteers will soon be offered by Brooks House, it was announced last night by Harry Newman, Jr. '42, retiring chairman of the Social Service Committee. This will be of two types, preliminary training for new volunteers, and advanced training for more experienced workers.

The preliminary training is designed to assist the student in getting started in his group work, and to make him more valuable to the settlement house. Heretofore, raw recruits have been plunged directly into the groups. The proposed courses will probably be given by the different houses, and will start experimentally next month.

The more advanced training is intended for those who have had at least six months' experience and are interested in going further. Designed to acquaint the volunteers with the more complicated phases of social service work, such as juvenile delinquency and case work, the course will be offered either under the separate agencies or by combined leaders of several, and will probably consist of field study and lectures, combined. According to present plans, it will start in the latter part of March and last about six weeks.

A third new service being planned by the committee is information on social service work as a career, or for a temporary job. This will consist of complete data on openings and opportunities for professional workers in settlement houses, boys' clubs, and other agencies, here, and in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.