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Network Competition Will Begin Tonight


Undergraduates won't have to rub any Aladdin's lamp to find themselves thrilling thousands with their voices, or to have the satisfaction of building up popular radio programs, because this evening the Crimson Network is prepared to offer them these opportunities if they come to a meeting at 7 o'clock in Sheppard Hall studios.

No experience is expected of men trying out in any department, and there will be ample opportunity for men to learn radio theory as well as have a chance to put it into practice in work on the technical board. In fact, all boards will devote some of their time to learning about the system used in the Houses.

Chance to Meet Stars

Those who take to the announcing end of the radio will have a chance to give news broadcasts, and later, when the equipment is installed, will be able to give play-by-play accounts of basket-ball games and swimming meets held in the Indoor Athletic Building. What is more they may be the men to interview such stars as Ann Corio and Ella Logan and such prominent figures as Andre Maurois and George Jessel.

Members of any class are welcome to try out for any position they wish, and Juniors who compete may find themselves in the way of becoming officers of the Radio Network.

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