Franny Powers, Bosworth Star For Crimson Natators

Art Bosworth is best known in swimming circles for his spectacular backstroke performances, but he turned sunny-side-up in his initial appearance of the season and negotiated the 220-yard free style swim in 2 minutes 15.3 seconds to spark the Ulenmen in a one-sided 62 to 13 win over the Boston Y.M.C.A. last night in the Indoor Athletic Building Pool.

Bosworth's performance was the best of the evening as the Crimson outfit limited the Young Christian men to one first and one second place. McNamara of the visitors eked out a win in the dives over Sophomore Brad Patterson despite the fact that Patterson dove better than ever before in varsity competition. He scored 96.3 points to McNamara's 98.5 total. Shaw McCutcheon, regular first string diver was absent from the lineup because of a torn muscle in his shoulder. He will be ready to make the trip to Annapolis this week end.

Captain Franny Powers coasted to victory in the 100-yard free style in the creditable time of 54.2 seconds, while Frank (Tiny) Gorman paddled to a new personal record in the 440-yard free style.

The summary:

300-yard medley relay-Won by Harvard (Bill Drucker, Bob White, Tom Godfrey). Time-3:11.3.


220-yard free style-Won by Art Bosworth (H); second, Bus Curwen (H); third, Antonelli (Y). Time-2:15.3.

50-yard free style-Won by Lonsdale Stowell (H); second, Ted McNitt (H); third, D'Ormandy (Y). Time-:25.

One-Meter Dive-Won by McNamara (Y), 98.5 points; second, Brad Patterson (H), 96.3 points; third, Phil Sharples (H), 69.8 points.

100-yard free style-Won by Captain Francis Powers (H); second, Dave Stearns (H); third, D'Ormandy (Y) Time-:54.2.