Power Plays Responsible For All Three of Crimson Tallies

Coming from behind three times during the course of a keenly contested encounter, the hockey team subdued a Williams six by a 3 to 2 score yesterday afternoon at Williamstown. The victory was a doubly pleasing one, as it was not only the team's first of the season, but also because it was scored over one of the three teams which have beaten Yale this year.

With his first line of Ayres flanked by Captain Prennie Willetts and George Duane. Hodder employed a pressing five man attack throughout most of the game, and the Crimson power plays were responsible for all three of the winning markers. Defensemen Sherm Gray and Stacy Hulse both of whom played almost all of the game, came up inside the Williams blue line while the first line was on the ice, and this strategy enabled the alert Ayres to capitalize on his long reach often enough to give the Reddermen their first victory of the season.

Both teams battled without result during the first period, although the visiting Harvard six seemed to have an edge over the home team, in spite of the fact that the game was played on an outdoor rink, which made the skating much faster. Williams held a slight upper hand in the second stanza and finally went ahead at the halfway mark when DeWindt beat goalie Ab Fenn.

The Eph stickmen were still clinging to their 1 to 0 lead as the third period opened, but before it was two minutes old Ayres had evened the count with his first goal. Willetts was credited with an assist.

After seven minutes, during which the Crimson kept the pressure on the Williams nets, the home players surged ahead again on Comfort's tally, but again their lead was short-lived. George Duane passed to Ayres to kuoi the score.


Prennie Willetts provided the winning margin at 16:45 when he passed Hannock, the Williams net minder on a power play Both Dusue and Ayres fattened their averages with assists.