Redman, Lacy, Eligible to Compete; Captain Richardson Out of Action

The wrestling season gets going in earnest this afternoon when the grapplers take on Navy in what should prove an exciting scrap. The meet is scheduled for 3 o'clock in the Indoor Athletic Building, and will be followed by another tough fight between the Yardlings and Dummer.

This is the first time that Navy wrestlers have invaded Cambridge, although it is the seventh Harvard-Navy meet. The six previous meets have all been at Annapolis, and have all been won by the Sailors. And there is no indication that this year's Navy delegation is any weaker than its predecessors.

But although the odds are on the invaders, the grapplers plan to put up a stiff fight. Three important additions have been made to the delegation which soundly trounced Tufts and M.I.T. before vacation. Jim Redmon and Tom Lacy, top-notch wrestlers who starred last year and the year before respectively, are now eligible to compete and will take over in the 121 and 165-pound spots.

Vern Miller to Fight

The third addition is 250-pound Vern Miller, newcomer to the team, who will grapple in the unlimited. Miller came out for the Varsity only a month came out for the Varsity only a month ago, but seems to have what it takes. He was undefeated as a Freshman, winning all of his bouts by falls.


A major setback has occured, however, in that Captain Bruce Richardson is still on probation and therefore out for the season. Richardson, a top-notch wrestler, had hoped to be eligible after mid-years and had been practising right along with the rest of the team. Jim Higgins, now recovered from his wrenched shoulder, will continue to fill the 136-pound vacancy.

The rest of the team has been little changed. Ted Schoenberg should turn in his consistently good performance in the 128-pound spot. The weight shift tried with such success in the Tufts meet will be continued. Dick Thomas, Lee Ackerman, Tom Lacy, and Dick Aldrich have all been shifted to lower weights, so that they fill the 145 to 175-pound spots respectively.

Navy's Champion

The most spectacular match of the afternoon should be that between Miller and Jack Harrell of Navy. Harrell who weights about 205 pounds is a really great wrestler. He was National Intercollegiate Champion while a student at Oklahoma A. & M. and A.A.U. Champion as a Freshman. He is considered the best intercollegiate heavyweight wrestler of the past five years.

The Yardling outfit seems to be in pretty good shape, and has had a better than even chance against Governor Dummer. Most of the team members have now had intercollegiate experience, and any overconfidence resulting from their crushing victory over Tufts has been dispelled by a narrow loss to Cranston High four weeks ago.