H. S. U. Cables to England; Warns Against Conant Trip


In a cablegram sent to the students of England this week, the Harvard Chapter of the American Student Union warned against the visit of President Conant and described his trip as a "visitation of American imperialism."

This cablegram was quoted in the second issue of "The Student Advocate," a bi-weekly paper published by the American Student Union. The sheet also contains a vitriolic attack on President Conant and his journey.

According to the cablegram, the real purpose of the president's visit is to "enhance the effectiveness of his propaganda when he returns." It further states that his trip means to Harvard students "the turning over of many of our educational facilities to the 'defense' program and the propagandist distortion in our courses."

Feature Story Attacks Conant

Characterizing President Conant as the "forerunner of FDR war moves," the paper claims that his trip to England is the "dramatic culmination of a year and a half of persistent effort to involve America in war." It goes on to say that he has been the leading spokesman for war and dictatorship since the beginning of the conflict.


The names of ten members of the Board of Overseers are mentioned in the article, which implies that these men have told Conant what to say. A cartoon of the president, picturing him as digging a grave for American youth is also included.

Cable Warns of Imperialism

The cablegram advises the English students not to accept Conant's visit as a scientific mission. Rather it is a "visitation of American imperialism," and means a stronger government for England and the emphasis of war aims over the needs of the people. Claiming that Conant's visit is not in the interests of science because he has not worked in science for six years, the cable says that his trip means the sinking of American educational institutions into the warlike aims of the government.

In the article Conant's opinions are pictured as having changed steadily from the start of the war to the present, beginning with the assumption that Britain was fighting a just war for Democracy, and proceeding to his present view-point of military intervention if necessary. Conant himself is presented as a leading propagandist for the administration and as having "utilized every means of propaganda at his disposal to break down the peace sentiment in this country."

According to officials of the Harvard Student Union, the newspaper is the only student publication critical of the present government policy. The paper will be on the nesstands Monday, and members of the Student Union will attempt to solicit subscriptions.