This is the second of a series of articles on admission to the Houses. Adams House is described below. The other Houses will be discussed in future issues.

Distinguished by "the very small tower with no bells at all," Adams House is by no means an architectural masterpiece. A few steps can take you frrom the Byzantine splendor of the central hallway to the colonial simplicity of Apthorp House.

Yet in spite of this, Adams has much to offer frrom the architectural viewpoint. The suites are large and pleasant, once you get to them, and the dining room and library are very attractive. The swimming pool is a feature unrivalled in any House. And perhaps most important of all, Adams is the only House from which you can safely leave for a class when the Memorial Hall bell rings.

True Cross Section

But the important thing about Gold Coast is not its architecture, nor its location, but its atmosphere. Probably more than any other House, Adams realizes President Conant's ideal of a cross section of the country, where all types rub elbows in a jovial informality.


Adams House has its share of New England prep-school men; and it also boasts a fair percentage of middle and far-westerners. It has a few top-notch scholars, and a considerable larger number of outstanding athletes. The average is none of these, but can hold his own with any.

Four Economics Tutors

As far as tutorial is concerned, Adams House is particularly strong in the social sciences, with four tutors in Economics, three in History, and two in Government. The languages are also well covered, as there are three tutors in English, and one apiece in Romance Languages and History and Literature. Other Adams House tutors are in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Music.

Among the outstanding personalities associated with the House as tutors are Robert S. Hillyer, Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, Bruce Hopper, associate professor of Government, George W. Woodworth, associate professor of Music, and Raphael Demos, associate professor of Philosophy. Prominent Associates of the House are Robert Frost and Dean Landis.