Lyric Poetry Will Replace English 4 in Survey Field

Changes designed to remedy gaps existing in the present schedule of courses were announced yesterday by the English Department to take effect next fall.

A course in Lyric Poetry by Robert Hillyer, Boylston Professor in Rhetoric and Oratory, and two half-courses on Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama, to be given by Harry T. Levin, Faculty instructor in English, are two of the alterations in next year's schedule.

Professor Hillyer's course in Lyric Poetry replaces the subject matter of English 4, which this year's catalogue describes as a course on English Drama from the Beginning to 1642.

The half courses on Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama will be known as English 25a and 25b, and will displace the present courses given by Levin which are courses on the nineteenth century novel, and a course on Proust, Joyce, and Mann, known as English 6 and English 61b.

The English Department suggests that students who wish to study the novel in the periods covered by the courses which Levin is ommitting will want to take English 5a, the eighteenth century novel, and English 5b, the nineteenth century novel. George W. Sherburn, professor of English, will give the first of these courses, and David Worcester, Faculty instructor in English, will give the second.


English 80, criticism of poetry, will be a full course next year, and the course on contemporary literature, English Prose and Poetry since 1890, will be given as a half-course in the second half-year.