News from the Houses

Epidemic of Waltzing Parties

Tonight the Gold Coast will ring to the tune of Strauss, as Adams and Lowell both close the term's festivities with waltzing parties from 8 to 12 o'clock. Ruby Newman will supply the music for the Gold Coasters, and to it some 60 couples will dance to their hearts' content, for attendance has been limited to allow room enough for waltzing par excellence with all the trimmings.

Eliot House Dinner

Also a part of end-of-the-term gayety was a dinner at Eliot House last Thursday night at which the Elephants gorged themselves amid a barrage of after-dinner speeches. Master of ceremonies Merriman expressed the House's sorrow over losing Professor Potter and George S. Pettee, who end their stay in Eliot this year. A prominent guest speaker was Major James Casey, Australian minister to the United States.

Bellboys Elect Committee


A month has passed since Lowell House announced the postponement of its elections to the House Committee, and the new dead line comes up on Monday, when the Bellboys go to the polls in the primary election. Wednesday and Thursday will see the final balloting, which will name 11 Sophomores and 11 Juniors to the House Committee.

Winthrop Starts House Play

For their annual play, the Puritans have chosen "Room Service," and are in the midst of last minute preparations for two performances next Thursday and Friday. Added to the stage experts of Winthrop are two members of the Radcliffe Idler, who promise to be first class box-office bait.