Committee on Food Relief Sponsors Radio Discussion

Harvard's committee for feeding the small democracies made its first bid for college support last night when it sponsored a half hour round table discussion over the Crimson Network. Speaking on food relief were James A. McLaughlin '16, professor of Law, Lucien Brouha, member of the Belgian Council of Nutrition, and Raymond Dennett '36, secretary of PBH.

Dennett opened the discussion by outlining the stand taken by food relief advocates, and emphasized that by careful control of shipments through a neutral commission, not more than three days' supply of food could fall into the hands of the Nazis. Brouha, who fied Belgium last spring, agreed with him when he said, "Food is a very good means of strengthening morale in the conquered democracies and stimulating revolt against the Germans."

On the less optomistic side was McLaughlin, who reminded his listeners that feeding Belgium would only build up the health of what Germany has made a virtual slave population. He feels that the ruthless tactics of Hitler are more effective in controlling the captive nations than American food.

Food relief advocates will have a chance to express themselves tonight when track coach Jaakko Mikkola will preside over an open forum in the Littauer Auditorium. Speakers will be Henry N. McCracken, president of Vassar, and Sonia Tomara, columnist for the New York Herald Tribune