Ladies in Lionel

Something must be wrong with the Jubilee. It is the only time that the Freshman class meets as a group from the Smoker till Commencement Day. Yet last year only 277 out of a thousand Yardlings attended. Since it's for the class, a larger proportion should attend.

The Jubilee is too big a dance to deserve only a fifth rate band. But here the Committee's hands are tied because the Student Council forbids the spending of more than $800 for an orchestra. No name band will play for this money. The allowance should be raised to $1500, and one of the country's best outfits hired. This is the initial step toward making this weekend the blow-out that it should be. Glenn Miller is really something to take a girl to; Raymond Scott, who seems likely to get the job, is just another dance band.

Fault number two is the cost. The Jubilee as usual is exorbitant. For $5.50 you don't get much. The tickets should be cut a dollar in price. By this simple device more than enough additional Yardlings would come to make up the difference leading to a first rate orchestra. But this is just the beginning of the big weekend. Most Freshmen want to invite a girl from back home, and that means at least an $8 hotel bill. By a very simple method used in practically every other college, Harvard can pare this item to the bone. If every man in one of the halls could be persuaded to move out for the weekend, free accommodations for the girls could be arranged. It is hoped that no Freshman would stand upon his constitutional rights and insist upon remaining in his rnom. It would be a simple matter to clear Straus or Lionel for the weekend. The men in these halls could bunk in another building. Details of this plan could readily be worked out in a fashion satisfactory to deans, evacuees, escorts, and committees.

Making these improvements should certainly attract 175 more Yardlings, in all enough to more than pay the added $700 expenses. What you get is a real Freshman Jubilee, not a second rate dance for the one-quarter of the class which can afford to cough up $5.50 for a mediocre evening.

Unless something like this is done, most of the Freshman class will be found that night at the Totem Pole Jubilee--out Commonwealth Avenue.