Research in Biology is Seriously Affected; Chemistry Suffers Little

As in the larger liberal arts fields of concentration, the science departments are meeting the restrictions of a purse 10% flatter since the recent budget cut by not refilling vacancies, increasing the size of sections and the number of men per tutor, and in some cases by decreasing the number of courses.

The Biology Department is hoping that the draft will reduce the enrollment sufficiently so that restrictions will not be felt by the remaining students. However, in the past few years the number of Biology concentrators has been steadily increasing. Biology D, the popular elementary course, especially has been growing, and the custom has been to increase the number of sections rather than their size to take care of the new students. This policy must be abandoned because of the budget slash.

Cutting Biology 2 and 3 in half was decided upon before the cut was announced, but no new courses will be added to fill in the gap. Research will be more seriously affected than instruction. Although projects already undertaken will be completed, the number of new ones will suffer a decline. Furthermore, cheaper animals and equipment will be bought for the experiments.

Tutorial will be as complete as ever, since some of the older men as well as the younger have been drafted into the tutorial program. Five vacancies left by section men who have just received Ph.D.'s will not be filled.

Biochemistry will suffer very little from the budget cut. Each tutor will be asked to take on only one or two more men. Three men are leaving this year. Two would have left anyway and a third was called to do work in England. Since one man is coming back from a year's leave, vacancies in the tutorial work of the Department will be small.


Instruction in Chemistry has not been curtailed and tutorial will probably be up to the same standards as this year. The story is the same in Physics, where minor slices in faculty and tutorial will account for the decrease in funds. In none of these fields has the draft taken toll of the faculty.