Confers With Roosevelt, Halifax; Drives to Ease Civilian Distress

Fresh from a trip to Washington, D. C., during which he talked personally with President Roosevelt and Viscount Halifax, Edward Ames '42, president of the Harvard Liberal Union, yesterday outlined plans for a British was relief drive designed to be greater in scope than all previous drives.

All money collected by the project will be delivered to the British War Relief Society of Massachusetts, under whose auspices Ames went to Washington. Although this society specializes in providing rolling kitchens for people in England's bombed areas, the money taken in from the Harvard drive will probably be used for more stationary medical care, base hospitals and the like.

No Political Considerations

Ames' purpose in going to Washington was to broach the plan to the Chief Executive and Lord Halifax, both of whom, Ames said, "were extremely interested in the plan." Ames added, however, that the drive was being conducted, not so much because the people who would benefit by it are British but because of the great civilian distress being caused by the war.

"Apart from all political considerations, we are faced with the fact that every home, every factory, and every ship in the belligerent countries is in the front lines. Americans, as individuals, should give as much as they can afford to relieve the plight of these civilians, who through the no wish of their own, bear the brunt of modern warfare."

These heading the drive hope to conduct it on a purely self-sufficient basis, that is, relying wholly on the efforts of volunteer workers. At the present time, Roger D. Fisner '43, president of the American Student Defense League, Harvard chapter. William Hodson '42, vice-president of the Harvard Liberal Union, Loren G. MacKinney '43, a member of the Student Council, Laugdon P. Marvin '41, chairman of the Student Council and John C. Robbins '42, president of the CRIMSON, Seth Crocker '41 and John Hobbard '42 have indicated their willingness to work on the project.