Postponement Not Finale

"I have no statement to make," was Athletic Director Bill Bingham's only comment on the problem of Harvard's policy toward race discrimination, which was discussed at last night's meeting of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports. The issue cannot close with this curtain line. Higher Harvard authorities should have the final word on such a vital problem.

All that is asked is a promise from the University saying there will never be another case of withdrawing a negro athlete on the demand of a negro-hating college. It would be far better to refrain from including such institutions on our athletic schedules when there is danger of discrimination.

Whether or not the Athletic Committee is willing to admit it, the University has already received a bad name form the incident of the lacrosse team at the Naval Academy. The new "Jim Crow" reputation is doubly unfortunate in that the Navy was the ultimate transgressor and that Harvard has for years maintained an honest and liberal policy, toward the negro in athletics.

All that is forgotten now in the light of this affair. If the University does not guarantee absolutely that there will be no more cases of prejudice against any race in Harvard athletics, the reputation of illiberalism will be remembered against it. The undergraduates have made plain their stand. The University is obligated to do likewise.