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The Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports has announced the award of athletic insignia to 157 men who competed in winter sports.

The Committee announced the award of a Major H in Minor Colors to Arthur C. Jares, Jr. '41 of the fencing team and Captain Theodore E. Schoonberg '41 of the wrestling team, each of whom has won a Minor II for three successive years.

The Committee voted a Major II in Minor Colors to Lee W. Alberts '41, Robert R. Batt '41, and Thomas W. Wright '41, members of the sabre team in fencing which tied with the College of the City of New York for the Eastern Intercollegiate. Sabre Championship. Also, basketball numerals were voted to Richard G. Elken '44 who was prevented from playing in the Yale game because of illness.

The awards follow:

Varsity Basketball, Major Basketball H

Edward T. Buckley, Jr. '42, John C. Finegan '42, Robert A. James '41, William D. McSweeney '41, Homer D. Peabody, Jr. '41, Joseph F. Romano '42, Edward I. Rothschild '42, Arthur J. Scully, Jr. '43, Captain Francis M. Simpson, Jr. '41, George W. Webber '42, and Edward A. Herberich '41, manager.

Major H in Minor Colors Varsity Fencing

Arthur C. Jaros, Jr. '41.

Varsity Fencing, Minor H

Lee W. Alberts '41, Robert R. Batt '41, Lynn A. Brua 3d '41, Arthur C. Jaros, Jr. '41, Ben B. Johnson, '41, Joseph M. Koch, Jr. '42, Paul D. Littlefield '42, Captain Amos C. B. Murphy '41, Thomas W. Wright '41, and Arthur B. Allen '41, (manager).

Varsity Hockey, Major Hockey H

Charles B. Ayres '42, William H. Claflin, 3rd '41, Robert H. Cox, 2nd '41, George R. Dreher '42, George E. Duane ocC., Abbott T. Fenn '42, George C. Gebelein, Jr. '43, Sherman Gray '41, Stacy B. Hulse, Jr. '41, Robert B. Kayser, Jr. B. Hulse, Jr. '41, Demarest Lloyd '42, Caleb Loring, Jr. '43, Gordon R. McGrath '42, Richard S. Noone '41, John A. Paine, Jr. '43, William E. Stedman '41, Alexander C. Stohn, Jr. '41, Meric G. Summers, Jr. '42, Joseph P. Willetts '41, (Captain), and Robert M. Jenney '41, (manager).

Varsity Hockey, Minor Hockey H

George R. Harding, Jr. '43, and Rodman Townsend '41, associate manager.

Varsity Swimming, Major Swimming H

Darcy Curwen '43, William R. Drucker '43, H. Shaw McCutcheon '43, Edward W. McNitt '41, Francis C. Powers '41 (Captain), Robert N. White '41, Robert D. Graff '41 (Manager).

Varsity Swimming, Minor Swimming H

Arthur S. Bosworth, Jr. '41, Frank McG. Gorman, '43, Richard G. Harris '42, Max Kraus '41, William B. Patterson '43, Thomas B. Shrewsbury '41, Lonsdale F. Stowell '41.

Varsity Squash, Minor H

Harold d'o. Baker '42, Francis D. Cochrane, Jr. '42, Gaelen L. Felt '43, Rosslyn, A. Lyell '41, Langdon P. Marvin, Jr. '41, (Captain), Eugene H. Nickerson '41, T. Decker Orr '43, Dudley B. Palmer, Jr. '43, Alexander S. Parker '43, William P. Given '41 (Manager).

Varsity Wrestling, Minor H

Richard R. Davidson '41, Thomas Lacey 2nd '41, John H. Page '43, James J. Redmon '42, Thomas A. Rogstad '43, Theodore E. Schoenberg '41 (Captain), Raymond W. Stone '42, Richard N. Thomas '42, Arthur W. Kincade, Jr. '41 (Manager).

The rest of the awards will be run in tomorrow's issue.

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