Council Acts to Cure Cooking Inefficiencies


Recommendations that the food efficiency expert and the dietitian "be charged by the University with improving the cooking in the kitchens and in eliminating the waste" were passed last night by the Student Council.

The Council took action on the matter after hearing the report of the Food Committee from Seth C. Crocker '41, chairman.

The most important question of the Committee, that of the adoption by the House dining-room system of self-service and a compulsory 21-meal rate or either of those devices to lower the board rate, was postponed until the next meeting after a violent discussion split the Council into halves for and against the measures.

War Relief O.K.'d

Another action taken was the granting of permission to the British War Relief Committee to institute a drive in House dining halls and at an open meeting to raise funds for civilian relief for Great Britain.

A third vote ratified the selections for the Permanent Committee on Appointment and Tenure, made last week by Eugene D. Keith '42, chairman of the newly formed committee, and a staff of assistants. The committee will maintain a permanent check on all problems of academic standards which concern the undergraduates and will represent the major departments to the University.

Picked Men on Committee

The Committee is composed of 21 members besides the chairman. Each member was picked as being outstanding in his field and for his interest in the problems of Harvard education.

The Council's food recommendations further asked that the full report of the dietitian and the efficiency expert recommending improvements "be made public and that the Student Council be continually informed of the results of the recommendation made last year and any recommendations made since then."