Pollard Refutes Rumor That Voyage Has Been Cancelled

Firmly denying the rapidly-spreading rumor that this year's Naval Science cruise had been cancelled, Lt.-Commander Leslie K. Pollard, U. S. Navy, assistant professor of Naval Science and Tactics, emphasized the fact that no changes in the Department's plans have yet been made.

Pollard said that he had received no orders concerning the trip's cancellation but that it was possible that world events may develop to cause some interference. Since the cruise does not start for almost two months, Pollard declined to discuss the possibilities of its cancellation. His only comments were to repeat that present plans included a cruise this summer.

The rumor arose in the University recently when the Naval Science Department advised its Freshmen and Sophomores to accept jobs for this coming summer.

The Naval Science men misinterpreted the Department's statement by thinking that the cruises would be called off and soon all kinds of reasons were being offered for the trip's cancellation. In reality the Naval Department made the statement for the best interests of its students as the number of Freshmen and Sophomores making this year's cruise is not definite. In case a large reduction in numbers was made prior to sailing, the Department wanted its students to have an alternative job in reserve for the summer months.