Students Here Push British Union Idea

Membership For New College Group Will Be Sought at Meeting Tonight

Since its arrival in College last week, the idea of "Union Now" is being warmly cultivated by a group of undergraduates who are holding a membership meeting for all interested at 7:30 o'clock tonight in the Eliot House Common Room.

Heading an organization of some 20 members, enrolled through personal contact are Newbold R. Landon '42, chairman. John Crane-Baker '43, secretary, and Harold M. Thewlis '42, treasurer.

Clarence Streit's now-famous book gives the movement its platform, which asks immediate union with Great Britain as a preliminary to a subsequent World Federal Union of Democracies. As a means to this end, the group advocates sending all aid which Britain needs to win the war, and as such, it stands with the Student Defense League, American Defense, Harvard Group, and similar organizations.

Ties with the national movement are maintained through the Student Federalist which have chapters in universities throughout the country.