Plan to Provide Graduates Fitted For Management

In an announcement yesterday, the Harvard Business School revealed that it was instituting a special 12 months' National Defense Plan of Training for Service in defense industries. Beginning this September, this plan will be offered for the duration of the national emergency.

Aid to Increase Production

According to the Business School, there is an acute shortage of men trained in industrial administration and management, and in order to increase production in defense industries by providing trained men, the School has added this course to its curriculum.

Men who are eligible for the draft will also have a better chance for some work in the Business School under the new plan, for many may be able to plan 12 months ahead whereas they could not count on the full two years required for the degree of master in Business Administration.

Degree of Industrial Administrator


To those who successfully complete their one-year course, the School will award the degree of Industrial Administrator. In the new course, problems in factory management, cost accounting, budgeting, procurement, and industrial problems of essential defense industries will be stressed.

During the past year the School has offered courses based largely upon material secured in cooperation with the Army War College on industrial, mobilization, priorities, and the economic problems of national defense, which will from the framework of the new plan and give men taking the course an understanding of the increasing relationship between the country's military effort and industrial activity.