Winthrop House's underrated eight sprang the major upset of yesterday afternoon's House crew races, when it displayed a completely unexpected drive in trouncing the favored crews from Adams and Kirkland. Eliot House's big boat ran true to form, winning the other House division handily.

Stroked by Tim Little, the Puritans entered the race with the claim that they rowed "just for fun," jumped off to an early lead and coasted home through the choppy water of the basin to win the mile in 5:35.

The Adams Goldcoasters finished second to qualify for the finals, while Kirkland, one of the pre-race favorites, and Dunster were eliminated from further competition.

Second Heat All Eliot

Interest in the second heat centered mainly on which Eliot eight would win, as recently the Eliot seconds, entered in place of Dudley, had been besting the first Elephant boat in short sprints. As expected these two boats had the race mostly to themselves.


With three men off Tom Bolles' Varsity squad George Hibbert's first Merrymen eight jumped to a half length lead at the start and gradually increased it to win in 5:30. A length and a half behind them were the Eliot seconds, and Leverett beat out, Lowell for third place.