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Students in both College and graduate schools who wish to apply for jobs under the National Youth Administration program may do so beginning today, it was announced yesterday by Charles W. Duhig, Acting Director of Student Employment.

Those men who have already applied for Temporary Student Employment jobs should not also apply for N.Y.A, positions, Duhig said, because the material in the application blanks is practically identical in both cases, and because the University will automatically consider T.S.E. applicants for N.Y.A. jobs.

Congress Votes in June

Harvard definitely get the go-ahead signal until Congress appropriates the necessary funds to the National Youth Administration, and until the N.Y.A. in turn allocates a certain amount for the use of Harvard students. Congress probably will not vote on the question until late June, but College officials are proceeding on the assumption that the money will appropriated at that time.

Because of the uncertain aspects of the situation, College authorities cannot definitely assign jobs, but the preliminary work must be finished by the end of the school year.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who wish to apply for N.Y.A. jobs may do so at any time until May 10 at the Student Employment Office in University L. Seniors may apply for N.Y.A. jobs at the offices of the various graduate schools if they intend to enter those schools.

Graduate School Representatives

The persons in charge of N.Y.A. jobs at the graduate schools are:

School of Engineering--Miss Frost.

Law School--John M. Capron, assistant dean.

Medical School--Worth Hale, assistant dean.

Dental School--Dr. A. M. Maloney.

Business School--Luther G. Holbrook, assistant dean.

School of Design--Professor Henry A. Frost.

School of Education--Evan R. Collins, assistant dean.

School of Arts and Sciences--University 23.

Under the N.Y.A. program, the University will obtain part-time jobs for 600 students, to be financed by the government-operated National Youth Administration. This will be the first year that Harvard has used the N.Y.A. funds; the Corporation had voted against the plan in 1934.

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