The New Gen Ed Lottery System, Explained


Armed Individuals Sighted in Harvard Square Arraigned


Harvard Students Form Coalition Supporting Slave Photo Lawsuit's Demands


Police Apprehend Armed Man and Woman in Central Square


107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay


At the Met


The Crosby-Hope-Lamour duet is on the road again, this time in a safari through Zanzibar. Crosby, who dishes out corn by the carful, is hampered by a raft of second-rate tunes, but fits nicely with the flimsy-acting, fully-dressed La Lamour.

Bubbling Bob, better than ever, is the vehicle's only Hope, and keeps the show rolling with a laugh every minute on the minute. Known as the human bat, cannonball, and dynamo, he fights his way through cannibals, a gorilla, and a Crosby, but is not sugar-daddy enough to win marsh-mallow-momma Lamour.

Without the co-feature, Dead Men Tell, the show would have a hard time climbing out of the B ranking, but this latest Charlie Chan is different enough to be clever. Sidney Toler, Warner Olan's successor as China's Confucius-Sherlock Holmes combine manages to keep a boatload of psychopathic treasure hunters, a pirate ghost, and his number-two son well in tow. If you can see Chan. Even if you can't, see Hope--the dope.

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