Batsmen Out to End Tie For Third Place

HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Keyes, ss  lf, Burns Parsons, rf  cf, Broberg Harvey, 2b  2b, Orr Tully, 1b  ss, Lendo Buckley, cf  1b, Jones Clay, lf  rf, West Whittemore, 3b  3b, Brown Regan, c  c, Koslowski Brackett or Ayres, p  p, Sexton

Facing a strong Big Green aggregation that has been growing hotter every game, the Crimson nine will attempt to nab their fourth victory of the season and break a three way tie with Penn and Princeton on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock this afternoon.

Biggest barrier to the Stahlmen is George Sexton, ace Dartmouth hurler, who yielded only five hits to Columbia last week while equalling the league record of 14 strike-outs.

Slated to face Sexton on the mound is either Charlie Brackett or Burgy Ayres, both of whom have showed up well in past encounters. Coach Stahl will probably save Bud Waldestein, whose timely four bagger and effective pitching last week against the Tigers clinched the ball game.

Behind the pitching and hitting of Sexton, and some surprising hurling by Sophomore Will Gray, the Indians have fought their way up from a last place tie with Columbia to an undisputed position in the second place. Sexton played right field and batted in two runs, while Harris was outpitching Harrison for a 2 to 0 victory over the Bulldogs.


After their hitting splurge against the Tigers which netted one homer, three triples, and two doubles it appears that the Crimson batsmen have finally got their eye on the horse hide and have ended their batting slump which was the source of much of the team's weak showing in the earlier skirmishes.

while the Varsity nine is facing Dartmouth, Coach Samborski's Freshmen, behind the twirling of Warren Berg will battle the Brown Cubs in a try for their ninth victory. After a two hit win over the Holy Cross Frosh last week, the Providence team comes to Cambridge confident of a triumph.