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Celebrating the forty-fourth annual meeting of the Associated Harvard clubs, 10 Harvard administrative officers and more than 1,000 Harvard alumni will gather tomorrow in Baltimore for a three-day discussion of production and defense problems brightened by a show of crew races and dress parades. At the head of the list of speakers representing the interests of American business and defense projects will be William S. Knudsen, director of the Office of Production Management.

President Conant will be one of four college presidents who will also speak at the convention, the other three being Isaiah Bowman '05 of Johns Hopkins University, Francis P. Gaines, of Washington and Lee University, and Stringfellow Barr, of St. John's College

Crew Races Scheduled

As a diversion from the serious purpose of the gathering, the visitors will inspect the United States Naval Academy and will review the Midshipmen on dress parade. Later in the afternoon they are scheduled to watch the Adams Cup Regatta in which the favored Harvard crew will be challenged by the Navy and Pennsylvania eights. On the following day Johns Hopkins campus will be toured.

In order to represent the undergraduate body among the alumni, E. Langdon Burwell '41, Langdon P. Marvin '41 and Westmore Willcox III '41 will speak on undergraduate opinion.

Among the prominent alumni that will explain the business situation will be John Lord O'Brain '96, general counsel of the OPM, Frederick C. Crawford, '13 of Cleveland, President of Thompson Products, Inc., and Clarence B. Randall '12 of Chicago, vice-president of the Inland Steel Company.

Governor Herbert R. O'Connor, of Maryland, and Mayor Howard W. Jackson, of Baltimore, will officially greet the Harvard alumni at the opening luncheon tomorrow afternoon in the Lord Baltimore Hotel.

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