Henley Regatta to Promise Keen Race For 150 Crews

Coach Haines Feels Tigers Team to Beat

The final race of the 150-pound season seems destined to wind up in a photo finish tomorrow afternoon when the eights of Harvard, Princeton, Tech, Penn, and Columbia race over the Henley distance for the Joseph Wright Cup at five o'clock in the climax of the American Henley Regatta.

So worried are the judges over the closeness of the Varsity race that they have ordered a camera with a telescopic lens mounted on a building overlooking the finish line, and if the race lives up to its expectations, they will wait until they have photographic evidence before rendering their decision.

Four Crews Within Four Feet

In two races this year the Crimson and Tech have each defeated the other by a margin of two feet, so that tomorrow's tilt will serve as a rubber match for the two. In addition, Harvard was hard pressed to beat Princeton by four feet last weekend, and at the same time Penn came within two feet of upsetting the Engineers. Only Columbia seems out of the running.

Bill Rothschild, a Junior, has replaced Andy Gaudielle in the number seven seat behind stroke Johnny Abbot, but otherwise Captain Seth Crocker's crew will row as of last week. As a result of this shift in recent time trials the Varsity lightweights have distincly improved over their previous performances against the Jayvees.

According to Bert Haines, the fifties' coach, the eight to beat is not Tech, as might be expected, but rather Princeton. At any rate the finish in prospect should be one of the best in Charles River history.

Earlier in the afternoon the third Varsity heavy crews of Harvard and Yale will meet in combat for the Steward's Cup. The first Freshmen heavies and the Eliot House first crew are also entered in this race, which should fall easily to the Yardling crewmen.

Also scheduled to partake in races over the Henley course are the Freshman and Junior Varsity fifties. Except for Tech, the entries in these events are rather questionable.


3:00 o'clock: Steward's Cup: Harvard, Yale Varsity heavies, First Freshmen, and Eliot House.

3:30 o'clock: Freshman fifties.

4:30 o'clock: Junior Varsity fifties.

5:00 o'clock: Varsity fifties.