At the U.T.

Once again the screen presents the woeful problem of a settled married couple lifted from their wedlock by an unhappy legal circumstance. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is the story of a man and wife with marital tribulations of more than ordinary calibre. Decked out with an unusually insinuating script, and Robert Montgomery and Carole Lombard to talk it up as they and few others could, it lacks only some action to make it one of the best bits of bedroom propaganda of the year.

Not quite so good is the other picture of the week, "Tall, Dark and Handsome." That so-called lover Cesar Romero is the featured personage, in the part of a gangster with a feathery heart. His little country sunflower, Virginia Gilmore, pulls him back to the straight and narrow, but she can't do so with the picture.

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