Yardling Stickmen Face Elis Saturday

With a mediocre record of four victories, against three losses, but boasting a pair of wins in their last two games, the Yardling lacrosse team travels to New Haven Saturday for the numeral game against the Yale Freshmen.

Hindered by a lack of reserves and by losses from probation and injuries, the Yardlings will have a hard fight. Mal Donahue, Jay Hurley, high scorer, and Dave Park make up a powerful and experienced attack.

The midfield is now made up of Karl Klausson at center, Ward Schultz at second attack and Tom Bridge at first defense. Bob Rodger has been injured for the past few weeks but may start in place of Tom Bridge.

Captain George Blanchard sparks the defense with Charley Purinton and Bob McGivern, neither of whom played before this year. If Rodger is ready to play, then Tom Bridge may move back to defense. Bill Ennis, another first-year player, will start in the nets.