Matthiessen Chosen to Head Faculty Group Next Year

As a result of the Teachers Union elections held yesterday afternoon, F.O. Matthiessen, associate professor of History and Literature, will continue to swing the president's gavel for the next year. Vice-president will be Rupert Emerson '21, associate professor of Government.

John Lydenberg, teaching fellow in English, will serve as corresponding secretary. Recording scribe of the Union will be William Rowley '28, teaching fellow in English.

Ten members were chosen for the Executive Council which will advise and form the policy of the Union. They are: Gordon Allport '19, associate professor of Psychology; Robert Davis '30, Briggs-Copeland Faculty Instructor in English Composition; Wendell Furry, associate professor of Physics; Richard Goodwin '33, instructor in Economics; Leo Hurvich '32; Kirtley Mather, professor of Geology; George Mayberry, teaching fellow in English; John Moore; Richard Schlatter '34, Faculty instructor in History; Paul Sweezy '32, Faculty instructor in Economics.

In view of present world problems and conditions, the Teachers Union is interested in enrolling many more members. Goal of the Union is to strive for what they believe is "democracy in education."