Crews, Baseball Team See Action Today


Princeton's two starboard-stroked Varsity shells spent last night securely lodged in Newell Boathouse preliminary to this afternoon's Compton Cup Regata between Harvard, Tech, and the Tiger. Although the Orange and Black comes to the Charles with shirts won from Rutgers and Navy, it is generally felt that the big Crimson Varsity can cope with anything the Bengals offer.

Five races in all are scheduled to be run off at intervals of 15 minutes, starting with the Freshman fifties at 4:45 o'clock, and climaxing with the Varsity till an hour later. Princeton, Tech, and Harvard will participate in the three heavy races over the mile and three-quarter course, and Cornell will square off against the Crimson and Engineers in the two light-weight Henley tests.

Bad Weather Prophesized

The weather bureau is not at all hopeful about the conditions for late this afternoon, forecasting a northeast breeze of around 20 miles an hour. Similar conditions last Saturday caused the postponement of the scheduled Rowe Cup Regatta until Monday.

Since the big, gold cup was first raced for in 1933, it has been won four times each by Princeton and Harvard, so that in a sense this afternoon's race will be a rubber match. In last year's Regatta on Lake Carnegie, which the Crimson won, it was Tech who supplied the major upset, leading both crews for most of the race and whipping the Bengals by a decisive margin.


Princeton Finishes Fast

In its two previous races this year the Sophomore-packed Tiger eight has come fast in the closing stretches of their races to win decisions from Rutgers and Navy. Today the visiting Orange and Black should be the first crew to push the Tom Bolles special, which hasn't been extended since the Crimson coach hit upon his present lineup last vacation. The advantages

There have been no changes in the Oarsmen of the first Varsity now since the end of vacation, but Tommy Boynton will cox the first eight today in place of Jimmy Ducey. Boynton held the tiller ropes in last year's undefeated Freshman outfit and was previously on the thirds. The Jayvees will line up as on last Monday.

Harvey Love has finally whipped together a Freshman crew which should give a creditable account of itself. Charley Chace, Spike's brother, has moved back from his six slide to stroke the '44 eight which whaled the day-lights out of the third Varsity in a time-trial carlier in the week.

Cornell has brought a smooth-looking fifty shell to Cambridge, and the three lightweights should put on another thriller. Bert Haines has tried to strengthen his Varsity boat by moving stroke Johnny Abbot and Bobby Lincoln into the first boat.

The Freshman fifties open their season today against Tech and Cornell, but according to Haines, they are not up to the standard of last year's Freshmen.

The Harvard boatings:

Varsity: Pirnie bow, Pennoyer 2, Goddard 3, Gray 4, Herter 5, H. Whitman, 6, Challinor 7, Wagner stroke, Boynton coxswain.

Junior Varsity: Fitz bow, Wilson 2, A. Whitman 3, Erskin 4, Lyman 5, Prince 6, Hinckley 7, Curwen strokes Palmer coxswain.

Freshmen: Church bow, N. Biddle 2, Smith 3, Michalis 4, Andrews 5, Ober 6, Sohier 7, Chace stroke, Stearns cox swain.

Varsity 150's: Powel bow, Koeniger 2, O. Biddle 3, Lincoln 4, Crocker 5, Swanson 6, Gaudielle 7, Abbot stroke, Sisson coxswain.

Freshman 150s: Robinson bow, Schell 2, Moot 3, Elison 4, Jagoe 5, Locke 6, Wilson 7, Cunningham stroke, Olsen coxswain.