Mikkola Tests Novices in BAA Match Today As Warm-up Preparation Prior to Dartmouth

Informal Match in Stadium; Freshmen Travel to Exeter

This afternoon Don Donahue and Co. will polish up their winning manners in a dress rehearsal with the Boston Athletie Association prior to playing host to Dartmouth's mammoth track threat next Saturday. Today the Freshmen will also get off to a 2:15 gun at Exeter.

The B. A. A. conflict scheduled for rain-or-shine performance in the Stadium today is an entirely new feature on Jaakko Mikkola's outdoor cinder program. Chief interest for the home forces is the opportunity the meet offers loss-experienced Crimson runners to prove their worth before tackling the galloping Green Gargantus next week.

Run Full Distances

More important to the outside world and the boys from the North Woods is the fact that for the first time this season the Harvard's will be running the regulation distances and therefore must reveal times with which opponents may compare their own.

Mikkola regards the match as a warm-up session and will have no scruples about leaving proven men on the side-lines to nurse injuries or simply make way for ambitious novices. Larry Corbett is in the former category with a sprained back and Dave Ives and Doug Pirnie will restrict their activities to the dashes. Sophomore Bill Maygar, who reached 21 feet 9 inches broad jumping in prep school, will thereby be given his first whack at outside collegiate competition.


Ex-B.C. sprinter Zeimetz will meet Ives and Pirnie in the century, which promises to be the season's super-thriller. Not only is Zeimetz himself enough to watch but this will mark the first meeting of the two Harvard dashmen in the same heat.