Veterans Gardella, Elser, Brown and Koufman Missed

A marrow curdling wing that sprang up early in the afternoon, bringing with it damp and chilly weather almost worthy of a Yale weekend, set the stage for last Wednesday's final day of a six weeks' spring football season.

There on the Soldiers Field practice gridiron -- which with its frequent mounds an dvalleys represents a minor edition of the Presidential range--Dick Harlow assembled his squad of over 45 gridiron hopefuls for the climax game of the spring session.

Except for the absence of the band and the spectators, the climax-contest--used by Harlow and his staff of assistants as attesting ground for new formations, plays and "promising-or-not-so" players from the Sophomore and Freshman classes--simulated actual game conditions as closely as possible. The referee and headlines man were present in their customary hospital white, and even the movie camera was clicking off a celluloid record of every play.

Most conspicuous in their absence were some of the headline tsars of last year. Captain "Guieseppe Joe" Gardella, "Blind Pote" Elser, Bill Brown and Joe Koufman of course are out of the lineup for good--via the graduation route.

Of the other first stringers from last year, Burgy Ayres and Dick fiesta, participating in other sports, were not on hand. Charley Spreyer and Hank Vander Eb, backfield stars of last November's Penn game, also took no part in the spring pigskin picture. Charlie has been in New Haven and Hammering has had to spend all his afternoons on a T. S. E. job.


A regular on the spring practice field has been Captain Franny Lee who will probably spend the greater part of his time next fall running interference for one of Uncle Sam's panzer divisions. Lee took no part in Wednesday's game other than calling the plays.

If "The Morph" doesn't return next fall, Harlow will really have his hands full trying to find another multiple-threat back to take his place. Lee has proved himself one of the greatest pass-defenders ever to worm his way into a tight-fitting Crimson Jersey, besides exhibiting a healthy degree of caiss in the punt-handling and open-field-running departments.