Presentation of commissions and certificates to the graduates of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. Department of Naval Science and Tactics, Harvard University, takes place at noon today in the Fodd Art Museum. Mr. Charles Francis Adams, former Secretary of the Navy, President of the Board of overseers, will present the commissions.

The students receiving commissions as England, United States Naval Reserve, are; John R. Baker Jr., Sharon, Mass.; Steven Bittenbender, Cohasset, Mass.; Joseph J. Bodell Jr., Providence, R. I,; Myron I. Burnes, Brookline, Mass.

Franklin N. Cunningham, Gloucester, Mass,; Charles D. Davol Jr., Fall River, Mass.; John Driscoll, West Roxbury, Mass,; Alexander R. Early Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Richard B. Fellows, Salem, Mass.

Phillp R. Gazecki, Menasha, Wis.; Guido J. Gorss, Cincinnati, O,; George A. Hayward Ipswich, Mass,; Maurice F. Healy Jr., Watertown, Mass.; William L. Healy Jr., Roslindale, Mass,; Eugene H. Hoffman, Cincinnati, o.

Eilot Hubbard 3rd Cambridge, Mass.; Robert M. Jenney, Brookline, Mass.; Frank C. Langdon, La Grange, I11,; Joseph A. Locke Jr., Newton Center, Mass,; Richard D. Mansfield, Somerville, Mass.; Wilbur Marvin Hollis, N.Y.


John S. Parker Jr., Charles River, Mass,; Robert F. Regan, Cambridge, Mass,; Robert B. Russell, New York City; Robert H. Ryan, Watertown, Mass.

Theodore E. Sharp, Brookline, Mass,; Harold T. Smith Jr., Hingham, Mass,; Lawrence B. Sperry, Honolulu, Hawaii; William H. Taylor Jr., North Cohasset, Mass.

Ronald E. Vanelli, Quincy, Mass,; Whiting Wicker, Burlington, Vt.; Joseph P. Willetts, Roslyn, L.I.N.Y,; Arthur T. Wood, Brookline, Mass,; and Charles B. Woodman, Cambridge, Mass.

The following students received certificates for completion of the Harvard course in Naval Science and Tactics, and will receive their commissions later; Donald A. Brew, East Orange, N. J.; John B. Reece, Chestnut Hill, Mass,; and Theodore F. Whitmarsh, Now York City.

The order of the exercises was as follows: introductory remarks, Captain G.N. Barker, U.S. Navy, Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Harvard; remarks, Doan A.C Hanford of Harvard College; presentation of prizes; administration of the oath of office, by Lieutenant Commander Leslie K. Pollard, U.S. Navy; presentation of commissions and address, by Mr. Adams.