725 '44 Redbooks to Be Mailed Next Week

Book Emphasizes Pictures; Dedicated to Francis Keppel

Dedicated to Francis Keppel '38, former Dean of Freshmen, and, "having three times as many pictures as any book in history," the '44 Freshman Red Book will be mailed to all subscribers within the next two weeks, it was announced yesterday by A. Leroy Atherton, Editor-in-Chief.

Outstanding and attractive feature of the book are the four "Mahoney Girl" division pages. All drawings, including one in a bathing suit, are entirely new, and different from those which graced the Union lobby this year, and all are in color.

Boasting more complete coverage than any of its predecessors the book brings every sport, except crew up to its Yale meet. Copy and statistics have been cut to a minimum to insure more candid shots of the teams and clubs in action. "Every activity and organizations has been covered and photographed," said Atherton.

In line with their policy to make the book's 264 pages less serious and more peppy, each page is bi-colored, and the "Forward" and "Content" sections are decorated by cartoons by Sam Ansell '44. Highlighting the feature section of the book is a humorous sketch of a Freshman's career.

Unless the Board is given another address, all books will be mailed to those appearing in the Register. Men wishing their copies sent to summer residences should fill out the cards delivered to the Halls yesterday and leave them at the Union.