Contribution For Council Absolves '45 From Worries

Finances Phillips Brooks Jubilee, Community Funds

If you came out of Mem Hall after your signatory ordeal feeling that you had wasted your fin (a quid to you limeys) on a Student Council donation, rest easy; it won't be wasted.

This is the good word handed down by John P. Bunker '42, treasurer, who takes care of the dispensation of your contribution and those of 3,499 other Harvard men.

Your cash serves a four-fold purpose. First, it gives you virtual immunity from the trials and tribulations of avoiding Boston Community Fund agents when they start their annual drive in November. Your Student Council gift is your Community Fund Pledge.

Second, that money which you so sadly disbursed will finance the activities of Phillips Brooks House, the organization that does more to raise the estimation of the mass of Boston's people for Harvard than all the money the University has ever contributed to charities.

Boys from Brooks House from the rank and file of the staffs of Boston's settlement houses. Boys from Brooks House spend their spare time passing on their knowledge to other boys who have never been given a chance to get to college. Boys from Brooks House represent Harvard before the city on lecture platforms, as scout leaders, are financed by your Council Pledge.


Third, your money is responsible for the continuance of the regular and traditional class activities. For instance just this year you will come into contact with Student Council affairs in your Red-book, a Council sponsored project; your Smoker, which exists partly on the basis of a Council grant; and your Jubilee, a dance which is underwritten by the Council. Later in your Harvard career you will participate in elections, which can be said without any exaggeration to be paid for by the Council.

Fourth, your greenback will go in part toward aiding needy students on Council Scholarships. The Council grants are not like those given by the University; they're not for the Dean's List kiddies. They're for the boys who are worthwhile keeping as Harvard men even sine PBK. More than $2,000 every year goes into this fund.

So, if you walked out of Memorial Hall with that extravagant feeling weighting your soul, forget it; you haven't wasted your money.

But if you slinked past the Mem Hall table and looked the other way when the Council member yelled at you, now is the time to turn around, go back, pay your bill, and get that just and noble feeling.