Special Meal Rates, Study Rooms Ready for Commuter

After 306 years Harvard finally sees non-resident members of the Freshman class firmly entrenched within the confines of the Yard gates, studying in the dormitories and taking meals with their classmates at the Union. For the first time, this fall Yardling Commuters are assigned rooms at half price for use during the daytime, and can sign for meals at the Union at a reduced rate.

Regular suites in the Freshman halls will be turned over to commuters, two to a single room, four to a double room at a cost of one half the price listed in the Freshman Room Pamphlet. With the beds and dressers removed and extra desks put in their places these rooms will provide a place to study and relax for those who otherwise would have to stay in the libraries and the limited quarters of Dudley Hall.

Seven Suites Already Assigned

Already seven suites in scattered halls have been turned over to 28 Commuters and more will be made available if sufficient applications are received. The men are grouped with the same care that is given to residents applying for roommates.

In conjunction with this offer non-resident Freshmen may pay a flat rate of $25.00 for 50 meals a half-year at the Union and fifty cents a meal, thereafter, regardless of which one; or continue, as in the past, to sign for occasional meals at the rate of 40 cents for breakfast, 60 cents for lunch, and 90 cents for dinner. Those taking advantage of the new study plan will be required to pay for 50 meals and all others may do so as they wish.


Of course Dudley Hall will still be available to all commuters, but the new plan gives Freshmen a chance to mingle with their classmates and take a more active part in class affairs than ever before.

This new plan originated with the establishment last spring of a series of scholarships for non-residents, granting the winners a place in which to study, other than the libraries. With this precedent as a basis Dean Leighton widened the scope to include all non-residents, and notified in July all members of the incoming Freshman class of the new plan.

Because of the increased enrollment in the Freshman class this year, Apley Court, for years an overflow dormitory for all four classes, has been made a Freshman hall along with Walker and Farlow Houses, the only other Freshman dormitories outside the Yard.