Football Manager Competition Affords Experience, Friendships

Work behind the scenes in a half-million dollar enterprise, trips to Philadelphia, Princeton and Hanover with the Freshman and Varsity football teams, and the award of Major numerals, all add incentive to the annual Freshman managerial competition which gets off to a flying start with an introductory meeting at the Varsity Club on Monday, September 29, at 1:30 o'clock.

Two years ago "Life" magazine singled out Harvard as having the leading football managerial system in the country. The coming competition will give ambitions Freshmen a chance to become associated with this system and may eventually lead the way to one of the three top-ranking Senior positions: Varsity Manager, Junior Varsity Manager, and Freshman Senior Associate Manager.

Make Acquaintances

This competition offers to the forty-odd Freshman candidates an excellent means of meeting their classmates, to say nothing of many upperclassmen, graduates, and officials of the University. Thus it affords a unique chance for a newcomer to become acclimated at Harvard in short order.

Because of the military situation and the increasing popularity of science courses, the competition routine this year has been cut down a great deal, and two days off each week are to be given all Freshman candidates to allow for Military and Naval Science, and for other science course laboratory periods.


The competition will consist of daily work on the practice fields with the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams, as well as work in the locker rooms of these squads. The assignments of the competitors are so rotated from day to day that each man gets an equal share of the work with each team. On game days the candidates are divided between the Freshman and Varsity games, with the majority of them with the Varsity. Again, of course, the work is rotated so that each man gets acquainted with the work of all the different jobs.

Chance to Go on Trips

As an added incentive, four or more of the Freshman competitors get a chance to go along with the team on each of the trips.

The six weeks competition will end November 8, the night of the Varsity game at Princeton so as to give the winning candidate, who will be in charge of the Yale Freshman game, and his selected assistants, two weeks to run the final Yearling practices and prepare for the game.

In addition to the responsibility and prestige earned by the winning Freshman, there is the traditional award of major football numerals.

In the following semester a short period of managing during spring football practice determines the five men among the candidates of the previous fall's competition, to be chosen as Sophomore Second Assistant Football Managers for the coming fall. To one of these five Sophomores goes the post of Assistant Manager his Junior year, and Varsity Manager his Senior year. The decision is disclosed immediately following the Varsity Yale game.

Positions as Assistant Junior Varsity Manager and Assistant Freshman Associate Manager are also awarded to the second and third runners-up in the Sophomore Competition. These two men, as Juniors, have active jobs with regard to their respective teams; and, as Seniors, they become the Senior Managers in charge of Junior Varsity and Freshman Football (excluding the last two weeks of the Freshman Season, which are under the sole control of the newly appointed Freshman Manager).

Franklin King, Jr. is the Senior Varsity Manager this year. Helping him are Seniors Tyler Peabody and Richard Jackson, Juniors David Place (Asst. Var.), George Day (Asst. J.V.), and Rufus Walker (Asst. Assoc. Fresh.), and the five Sophomore competitors, David Arnold, Worthy Campbell, Joseph Cummings, Roger Putnam, and William Walker