Student Representatives Will Elect New Officers

Escaped from Stillman Infirmary after spending three days in captivity, Engene D. Keith '42 will be in the chair tonight when the Student Council meets for the first time this year, at 7:30 o'clock.

The 1941-42 representatives of the undergraduate body will discuss money matters, automobile affairs, and their own organization.

Most important item on the agenda is the Council fund drive, carried on during Registration in Mem Hall. Treasurer John P. Bunker '42 will present a report on the status quo and will assign the tasks of dunning the tight-fisted students to their various representatives.

Whether the Council will take any action on the gasoline shortage declared by the Secretary of the Interior and the Dean's Office and denied by the Senate is as yet uncertain.

Keith is determined, however, to take steps to relieve the drastic parking space shortage around the University, which is denied by no one and which is unrelieved by the Dean's Office "suggestion" that students leave their cars at home.

The Council must needs organize itself into the usual standing committees on food, scholarships, education, and historical markers. It will try to finish this job tonight.

A more important necessity is the selection of new members and a new chairman for the Permanent Committee on Curriculum and Tenure, composed of non-councilmen Juniors and Seniors with a particular interest in keeping up the standards of education in the undergraduate departments.