Informal Fray With Grads Features Individual Play

"Herky" Herkovitz scored three goals from his right outside position to spark the Varsity booters in an informal meeting with a graduate school aggregation Saturday afternoon.

Since the graduates only had eight men on the field, no regulation game could be played. Instead five fifteen minute periods were played with members of the Varsity squad filling out the graduate ranks.

Team Work Undeveloped

Chief result of the contest was the discovery that individual skills of the undergraduates were highly developed for this early point in the season but that smooth teamwork and coordination was completely lacking. Coach Jim MacDonald attributed this to the fact that last week, the first of practice, was spent chiefly in conditioning drills which did little to develop any cooperation among the players.

Captain and goalie Jack Penson, who let only two scores past him, and alternate center forwards Buz Sawhill and Jack Calhoun were the other standouts for the Varsity.


Dave Ives, last year's Varsity captain, now at the Business school failed to report for the contest. Roger Oresman, George Kyte, and George Hanford of the 1940 team did play as did Ed Watson, ex-Harvard captain. Two Varsitymen from Lehigh and Stanford also participated.