Dr. Mallory, Discover of Scarlet Fever Causes, Passes

The discoverer of the scarlet fever bacillus, Dr. Frank Burr Mallory, '86, professor emeritus of Pathology, died Saturday night at the age of 78.

Dr. Mallory had made an international reputation for his work in isolating infectious diseases. When an assistant visiting pathologist at the Boston City Hospital in 1903 he successfully determined the organism that caused scarlet fever.

Found Whooping Cough Treatment

His other work included the discovery of new treatments for whooping cough and extensive research into the causes of cirrosis of the liver. He proved that the cause was not alcohol but phosphorous present in the alcohol.

Chronic copper poisoning was blamed by Dr. Mallory for causing wide varieties of heart, liver, and kidney trouble and even diabetes. By his discoveries in this field, he acquitted brews from the blame of causing certain diseases for which the copper in kettles and percolators are actually to blame.


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