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No Cut This Year; 102 Players Kept On


Instead of cutting his squad as in previous years, Coach Chief Boston of the Freshman grid team shattered all precedent yesterday by awarding regular Freshmen uniforms to 23 out of 125 first year candidates while keeping the rest for further practice.

Coach Boston, following the pattern used for awarding red jerseys on the Varsity squad, will add to this nucleus of players from time to time until the maximum of 40 is reached. Players who have not been picked and yet show ability thus have another chance to make the regular squad before the first game a week from Saturday with Exeter.

The newly formed squad packs a lot of height and weight, with only seven men under six feel, and four measuring six feet, four inches. But the large size of the squad does not necessarily mean it will be good.

Squad Lacks Speed

The squad lacks any real individual stars and has a serious shortage of speedy backs. Bolstered by several prep school players who have had experience, the line appears relatively strong on paper.

Jack Fisher, second son of the former Crimson Varsity coach, is the outstanding candidate for the center position. A star on Andover's team last fall, he stands six feet, four inches and weighs 190 pounds.

Another much-heralded prep school product is Pete Garland, 205 pound, six foot, four inch end, who was captain of the Noble and Greenough team last year.

Thaddeus Mroz, 167 pound guard, an all-scholastic from Salem High, is another experienced player. the heaviest man is charley Kidner, 230 pound guard, while the lightest man is Gershon Ross, who tips the scales at 161 pounds.

Ends--Arthur Bauman, Peter Garland, William J. Hornbeck, and Donald W. Richard.

Tackies--Benjamin M. Burr, Theodore Chadwick, Jr, William J. Ward, and Alexander Wheeler, Jr.

Guards--C. Joseph Hubbard II, Charles M. Kidner, Thaddeus E. Mroz, and Sidney O. Smith Jr.

Centers--Daniel O. Bettle and John W. Fisher.

Backs--Paul Coste, Jr., Philip W. Drake, James F. Gallagher, Fairfield Goodale, Jr., James G. Martin, Richard W. Mechem, Paul F. Porkins, Jr., Gershon N. Ross, and Robert T.P. Storer, Jr.

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