'45 Group Unanimously Elects Parkman Chairman

Francis Parkman, Jr. '45, of Southboro and Holworthy, unanimously elected Chairman of the Freshman Union Committee by his colleagues last Saturday, presided for the first time at a meeting of the Committee last night, when the group laid plans for a Freshman Frolic to be held in the Union in February.

Skits, an amateur hour, and an orchestra are slated to be on the program for the Yardling affair. It is tentatively scheduled for February 14, as a Valentine Dance, but the Committee is inquiring at local girls' colleges to make sure there are no conflicting activities.

The group also decided to undertake the task of soliciting the Freshman class in the Community War Fund drive which gets under way tomorrow.

10 Members Confer

Ten Committee members were present at the meeting, and they were directed by their new chairman, Parkman. A graduate of Brooks School, the Yardling leader is a direct descendant of Francis Parkman, famous 19th century historian.

The proposed frolic is the second event to be run by the Committee this year. A record dance was held on December 6 in the Lower Common Room, but Committee members indicated that their new brainchild would be conducted on a much larger scale, with a well-known local band on hand.

Although most of the plans are still uncertain, members implied that the skits will be presented by several talented Yardlings, and that local girls' colleges will be represented in the amateur show.

Administrative organ of the Freshman class, the Union Committee was selected last November by a committee headed by Douglas Mercer '40, 2L, Secretary of the Union. It represents a cross-section of the class, with a delegate from most dormitories and a wide variety of states included.